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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Replacement Referees

Do I even care whether Seattle or Green Bay won the ball game Monday night?  Not really.  I am amazed, however, that the sports world is getting in such a tizzy about the temporary referees.  Come on is just a GAME.
Raise you hand if you think vertical stripes make you look thinner?

The players claim that neophytes officiating is hurting the integrity of the game.  You've got to be kidding?  The players themselves have done enough through the years to denigrate the game of football...wife beating, armed attacks and drug use. Why should we care what happens to these hunks of self-promotion?  Maybe they are getting their just desserts.
I love football, but I just can't take it seriously.  When you have a business that generates multi-millions, rich owners, over-paid coaches and players you get what you pay for.  All game and no sport or sportsmanship.
I'd still like my team to win, pro or college, but the world does not turn on the outcome of a game.  Maybe if the sports writers, announcers and players spent as much time in thoughtful contemplation about solving some of the world's problems as they do whining about an unchangeable event, we'd all be better off.  Just give me the scores.  I don't want your moaning commentary.

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