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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Next Year: Christmas in Hawaii

Hey buckaroos, I know this has been a tough year, but we all have to bite the bullet and live frugally.  They way things look now, all the rich will soon be forking over a bigger chunk of their salary so that EVERYONE will finally be on equal financial terms.  I'm thrilled at the prospect.
If the President can take a 4-million-dollar vacation during this crunch, I'm sure my turn is coming next year when I am the recipient of all that equality.  Yippee!   I'm waxing down my surf board....can't wait to December 2013.
Of course, I don't even expect to stay in the luxury of presidential accommodations   I'll be happy as a clam to be house with the White House Staff at a mere $400 a night. Oahu, here I come!
Doesn't this look like a lot of fun?

 Just a thought, but does anybody know where Herbert Hoover spent his Christmas during the Depression?

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