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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

University of Houston President, Renu Khator

I think the only time most university students see their president is on television, if they are in grievous trouble or graduating.  University of Houston students are blessed with a hands-on administrator who has incredible savvy, marketing and people skills and a great personality. She manages to walk that fine line of demanding superior academics while understanding the need for a strong athletics program.
At a time where email and form letters are the standard method of communication, this woman writes personal notes.  You might guess that as the author of an etiquette book, this made an enormous impression on me. After watching the video, you can see that she is held in high esteem by the students, too.
Texas schools have stolen our last two football coaches, Art Briles and Kevin Sumlin, but they better keep their collective hands off the University's greatest asset, Renu Khator.

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