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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I Am So Sick of Ray Lewis!

If I have to hear one more glorious plaudit about Ray Lewis, I will scream.  I honestly don't care what his football achievements are, he has displayed nothing but low-life tendencies. The nation does not need a role model like him.

Has the world forgotten that in 2000, Lewis was arrested for MURDER?  I don't know what happened to his famous white suit, but I would give a few bucks to see it re-surface and the case re-opened.  Following in the footsteps of O.J. Simpson, he managed to avoid prosecution...mainly by throwing his friends under the bus and testifying against them.  What a sweetheart!  Lewis ended up with a year's probation and a hefty fine from the NFL.  Unfortunately, the two victims are serving a "life-sentence" of death.
As it stands now, no one was ever convicted in these murders, which took place in a bar with tons of witnesses.  Highly suspicious!  To add to that, Lewis agreed to settlements with one of the victim's families, on the condition that they do not discuss the crime.
Yes, I know, he could possibly be an innocent victim, but give me a break.  Lewis was charged with battery against two different women while he was in college.  He also has fathered six children with four different woman, while remaining a bachelor. Would you want your daughter involved with this guy?

I was in utter despair when the Ravens defeated the Broncos.  I now have to watch Lewis and hear him praised in at least one more game.  Didn't anyone notice that the Ravens played just fine without him this season?  I was counting the moments until he retired...then I found out he was going to be a commentator on ESPN.  So, now he is going to ruin Sports Center for me, too.  I don't know why they hired him.  He isn't fit to hold the microphone for Chris Berman.
I don't think a leopard changes his spots. While folks site his participation in charitable works as a sign of his evolved character, the Ray Lewis 52 Foundation does not impress me.  It is supposed to provide help to economically deprived youth, but it is not rated with any of the major charity rating services and the website is pretty meager.  As a non-profit, I'm sure they are having to hand out money to someone, but the lack of substantive events leaves one wondering.  You'd think there just might be more than 4 photos of Foundation events out on the Internet.
Saint Lewis? ...not in my book!


  1. You're pretty biased considering you're a Bronco fan and your team just lost to this man, so I won't belittle you anymore than Manning already has. Ray Lewis=Great role model, and if he wasn't, Peyton wouldn't have waited over an hour in an empty locker room just to shake his hand after the game.
    The world hasn't forgotten 2000, you just seem to have forgotten we live by a judicial system here in the US, flawed albeit. Ray Lewis received a MAXIMUM sentence for the crime he was charged with, which is more than most first time offenders usually receive. He paid FINES of over $250,000.00 to the NFL, more than any other person ever in NFL at that point. Also, he paid both victims relatives hefty sums of money that no one forced him to. He was made an example of in more ways than one, and still went above what was required by law.
    Really? You'd pay money to see more legal hardship befall this man? That is such a bloodlust mob mentality. You may have more issues than first suspected..
    As far as "battering women" and domestic abuse is concerned, your Broncos have some of the worst offenders on that list, and I'd almost be willing to bet money that there isn't a single man in the NFL that hasn't beat their significant other at some point. Even Tom Brady left his pregnant wife for Giselle Bundchen.
    As a Ravens fan I can tell you didn't really follow their season too closely, because they did NOT do "just fine" without Lewis, compared with stats, previous years, and games this year he's played.
    You mock his charity because you could only find 4 photos of charity events, yet my searches for Cece Brune Charity events turned up nothing.. You shouldn't throw stones living in a glass retirement home.
    I'm assuming your hatred for this man stems deeper than the grasping for flaws you've posted in this piece. I'm guessing you've had enough of the positive scripture constantly flowing from his mouth. I believe you hate the fact that he quotes the Bible more than any other NFL player today. It's not Ray Lewis you're sick of, but rather the Christianity that has changed him.
    Who cares about a leopard's spots? What you're REALLY saying is you don't believe a human can change, and that shows how close-minded and liberal you truly are.

  2. You make a great point when you admit that the NFL is filled with thugs. I totally agree. In this case, I would like a resolution for the families of the murdered men and some justice to be served. I am not any more "blood-thirsty" than those who thought O.J. Simpson guilty.
    Secondly, I am not a Bronco fan. As a Ravens fan, I do believe YOU are biased. I am happy for you that your team won, but that doesn't make the members of the team saints. The reason Peyton Manning stayed to shake Ray Lewis' hand, is that Peyton is a gentleman in all walks of life.
    I have heard a lot of folks quote the Bible, but that doesn't necessarily mean they live according to Christian principles. If Lewis had really changed, wouldn't he marry his girlfriend in live in a monogamous relationship? Is it a good example of Christian principles to father six children out of wedlock? You can talk the talk, but you've got to walk the walk.
    If you happened to watch Lewis' return game, despite all the hype, he did not make too much of an impact. I will admit his stats were much better in the playoff game...but my point about Lewis' stature has nothing to do with what he does on the football field. I think he is a bad role model.
    If you had bothered to read any of my blog, you would find it as hysterical as I do that you label me "liberal".
    Finally, you must have a pretty lousy search engine. It would be difficult not to find many references to my charitable endeavors, including a scholarship, all of which are supported on an income a great deal smaller than Ray Lewis'.
    PS...I may look old, but I don't live in a retirement home!

  3. I, also, cannot abide the media love story with this man. How can you be a role model to 6 of your own children with 4 different baby mammas?

    The Aphasia Center of West Texas owes a HUGE debt to Mrs. Brune for her time and talents in making Chocolate Decadence the major fundraiser for our Center. Her charitable contributions to our society are numerous. She seeks NO accolades; it is done from love and a desire to help others. I've seen it!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more! I live near Baltimore, and I dread the next two weeks, and if they win the Super Bowl, life will be unbearable for at least a year!

    Go Niners!!