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Friday, January 4, 2013

My Exploding Pyrex

Not that there isn't enough going on Christmas morning, but this year exploding Pyrex was added to the mix.  My pan, filled with au gratin potatoes, exploded when I opened the oven.  It was a huge mess, but fortunately no one was hurt.
This is a photo of the remnants of the pan that I maneuvered from the oven.  Glass shards were on the floor and in the oven as well as a cascading potato mess running down the ovens. Unfortunately, it also landed in my other side dish..basically wiping out our meal.
Coincidentally, a similar incident happened to my daughter's mother-in-law at Thanksgiving. This sent me searching the Internet for some explanation.
According to Consumer Reports testing, both Pyrex and Anchor Hocking were subject to shattering when moved from hot oven to cold counter.  If you have glass bakeware that was made before 1970, it has a much greater tolerance to temperature changes.  This is because it was manufactured with borosilicate, rather than the more recent use of soda lime.  (European pans are still made with borosilicate.)
I own approximately, 17 glass pans that I use for recipe testing and baking.  After finding so many incidents of exploding pans on the Internet, I just don't feel comfortable using them anymore.  It looks like I will be matching my dollars to Euros in the near future. If you have found a good substitute, please let me know.  I am considering Pillivuyt porcelain bakeware rather than glass.

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