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Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Portion Diet

Are you just as sick as I am of those diet and exercise commercials that bombard one in January?  We all know (at least MOST of us know) that these diets seldom work .  The only real way any of us is going to lose weight AND keep it off is to stop eating so much.

Yikes!  That is a big difference between the served portion and the proper portion.  Just think of the money you will save.  Two can eat as cheaply as one.
If you don't have a lovely serving poster to carry around with you for each restaurant's fare, try using these common items to keep your portion size in check.

I will admit that in the last week, I have baked, chocolate cake, M&M cookies and banana bread...but I just had a small serving of each.  If you follow my recipe blog ( you can find recipes for lots of tasty treats that will make your reduced portion life a little more bearable. Stop wasting calories on sodas (and all that sodium) and let dessert be your treat for a meal well-portioned.
Just couldn't resist this bit of portion control fun.

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