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Monday, February 4, 2013

Valentine Warning

If you are a follower of Texas Jot, you know that every year I try to give some Valentine's Day shopping advice.  This morning I felt compelled to dash to my computer and warn all the males that under no circumstances is a 4 1/2-foot teddy bear an appropriate expression of love.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Factory would have you believe that your loved one will rejoice in having this  cuddly monstrosity arrive at her house. Put down the phone.  1-800-anything is not the correct choice.  Unless this bear is holding a diamond ring, you may find that this overstuffed creature is sleeping in your bed while you are on the couch.  Or maybe, you will find it wedged in the closet with your golf clubs or strapped in the front seat of your sports car.
Guys, you've got 10 days...Now go out there and get a Valentine's Day card before they are all picked over. Stop by the salon, restaurant or garden center she likes and get a gift card.  Insert card in Valentine.  Sign it with love.  Seal the envelope and wait. You'll look like a hero come the 14th.

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